Melbourne Cup Day

Even though I have the occasional ethical difficulty with horse racing, I still get excited about Melbourne Cup Day every year. And now my first book is about to be published on Cup Day I have a whole new reason to love it.

So why do we get so excited about a silly horse race when any other day of the year we wouldn’t be seen dead in the TAB? This is why I do…

  1. I love Frocks. Dresses. Gowns. Love them all. Without a doubt they are my favorite fashion item. A frock is a whole outfit – no need to match it with pants or a top. One item and you’re done. Except for shoes, which, you have to wear anyway unless you’re six months old or the hippy that used to go to my Uni. And Cup Day frocks? As Jamie Oliver would say, they are ‘Next Level’ frocks. Summery, bright, fun. On Cup Day no one raises an eyebrow if you wear a ‘Next Level’ frock. They just smile, compliment you and don’t question what you’ve been up to (or ask what you intend to get up to). Which brings me to my next point…
  1. Cup Day is the one day of the year that you can wear a hat to work without your colleagues questioning your sanity. (OK, they might question my sanity but it won’t be because of the hat.)
  1. Champagne. In the middle of the day. Enough said.
  1. It is unofficial beginning of summer and the silly season. It marks the beginning of the wind down to the end of the year (but let’s not count the paydays until Christmas. See number 3).
  1. You can plant tomatoes. Well, if you live in Canberra, that is. Frosts after Cup Day are rare, so this is the point we can all go to the nursery and buy our lovely seedlings.
  1. And most exciting of all, my first book is being released! You can check out its beautiful cover below and purchase it from

Destiny Romance


TheSecretPrince 2

4 thoughts on “Melbourne Cup Day”

  1. Shared and tweeted! I’ve been to the races once and it was all too much for me! As for wearing frocks? I’d much rather be in my jeans and boots where the real action is – with the horses! Congrats on your debut novel coming out on Cup Day. Can’t wait for it to arrive on my kindle so I can read it!


  2. I’ve done the frocks and champagne, parties and catnap before the big race. I won big on the Melbourne Cup one year which was fabulous. Congratulations on your release day Justine.

    Nicki, jeggings are brilliant I lived in them during my UK trip. The only good part about putting real jeans back on is the front pockets which jeggings lack. No judging.

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