Waiting for Spring

I am only just emerging after our move; the boxes aren’t all unpacked and I’m still looking for some of my books. But I’ve made my peace with the stack of boxes in the living room and hardly notice them anymore. The boxes in the bedroom are serving as a very handy spot to throw the half-worn clothes (those that are not quite clean enough to go back in the wardrobe but not dirty enough to wash yet).

We love our new house, and are slowly discovering all its secrets, of which there are many (a whole other post). When we moved in the enormous liquid amber was just beginning to change to its beautiful oranges and reds and the blooms in the garden had finished. Now winter is progressing, the garden is changing and is revealing its secrets.

The house has a very established garden that has been tended to over the last thirty years by loving owners. We are not natural gardeners and hope, at the very least, to maintain it. I love bulbs, like the pretties below. We know there are some calla lilies to come, but who knows what else we will see? Can’t wait for spring!IMG_3952IMG_3953